Polyester Spray Filler + Activator

Product Description

Two component product is designed specially to isolate the critical surface defects and wide-deep scratches, has high filling, pore free, easy sanding and fast drying Polyester filler. Applied with a sprey gun 2,0-3,5 mm diameter and at a pressure of 2-4 bar.

Lifetime is about 30 min. at 20°C when mixed with 2% Polyester Filler Hardener. Drying times are; 2 hours at 20°C (Air drying), 30 min. at 60°C (Oven drying). 2K Acrylic Filler has to be applied on the Polyester Filler before top coat application. Can be applied to sheet metal,polyester surfaces and all polyester putty surfaces.

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