Color Tec ® Metal Primer Etching Primer+Activator

Product Description

It is two component, rapid based fast air drying product. It can be safely used for all kinds of metal surfaces ( DKP Sheet, Aluminium, Galvanize, zinc plated surface).It can be used at Machine, Ship, Automotive, Heavy Metal Industries and manufacture of agricultural equipments,. It has excellent adhesion and very easy sanding. It has very high corrosion protection. It can be applied with spray gun, brush or submerging.

Stir well before use. Mixing ratio: Add 1 unit metal Primer Activator to 2 units ColorTEC Metal Primer. Use Cellulosic Thinner if necessary. Use air spray gun (1,4 – 1,8 mm nozzle diameter), Operating pressure; 2,9-3,3 bar.It Can be applied in one or two coats. Drying times will depending on the temperature and humidity Becomes ready to sand in 20-30 minutes. Polyester-based putty and primers can not be applied on Metal Primers.

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