Color Tec ® Industrial Top Coat Primer

Product Description

Styrene alkyd-solvent based top coat paint can be applied on metal and wooden surfaces. It is formulated to provide high build, fast air drying and good adhesion Color Tec Industrial Top Coat primer can be used on all metal and wooden surfaces on different industrial areas with succesfuly.(All agriculture equipment, tractors, steel furniture and hand tools also electric motors, water pomps, military utilities and others)The primer can be apllied with sprey gun, by brush or rollon on clean and dried surfaces.

Stir well before use. Volumetric mixing ratio: Add 20-25 units ColorTEC Industrial Thinner to 100 units ColorTEC Industrial Top Coat Primer . Please apply two single coats.One single coat application gives 35-40 microns dry film thickness. Paintability with the single coat application for 1 liter primer; 8-10 m². Drying times at 20°C; Dust-Free 5-10 min, Touch dry 20-30 min. Hard dry 1-2 hours.

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